Kenne Bell Supercharger Oil

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Do not use just “any oil” in the Kenne Bell supercharger. It utilizes unique gears and seals that can be adversely affected by some oils. Therefore, Kenne Bell recommends using only the Kenne Bell factory supplied supercharger oil. We know better than anyone what oil blend works best in our superchargers and do not care to debate the issue with anyone.
We use a specially formulated blend of friction and anti foam modifiers based on Lucas Synthetic 50W Racing Oil with a blue die that colors the clear oil so it can be seen on the supercharger oil dipstick. The standard Lucas oil is so clear and pure that there is no color to the oil.
We use Lucas because we believe it to be the best oil available. That does not imply that other oils are not perfectly adequate for engines or transmissions. Superchargers just require a dedicated oil.
For normal use, we recommend changing the oil every 12,000 miles. Severe use will require more frequent changes.
The standard bottle holds 8 ounces and - depending on the kit - the supercharger takes approximately 5 ounces.
SHIPPING TO CANADA is an additional $20 please call to order or we will contact you after the order to arrange payment of additional shipping expenses.