Kenne Bell Fragola Liquid Cooled Lines Engine Coolant

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Product Overview

This is specifically designed for those running ice through the intercooler of your GT500.  Kenne Bell does not recommend that you ever run ice through the Liquid Cooled portion of their superchargers.  To maintain the liquid cooling we then run it through the engine coolant system.

This system includes all of the fittings and hose necessary to bypass the heat exchanger and intercooler system.

For installation you will need 1/8" NPT Tap to create threads in the water towers for the Fragola fittings.

The only thing not included:  Heat Shrink to cover the end of the hose at the engine coolant reservoir and a clamp for the engine coolant reservoir.

Most customers like to customize that connection.

Currently offering the kit with Braided Fragola Lines and Black or Red/Blue Fragola AN Fittings.