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Mark Duber's 2013 GT500 - "The Little TVS That Could"


Mark Duber's 2013 GT500 is an impressive machine. We're looking forward to seeing what this thing does in the 2013 King of the Street event at Bowling Green, KY at the NMRA World Finals. 



ID1000 Injectors. 

Some bolt-ons

Lund Racing tune


r1doc's KOTS 2013 album on Photobucket

Texas Mile Super Snake 1000HP

Texas Mile Super Snake GT500 - purpose built for 200+ mph Revan Racing Lund Racing L&M Engines L&M custom built motor Jon Lund Tuned

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Wheels Up!

Kenne Bell 3.6 Liquid Cooled. Tuned by Lund Racing. 9.996 pass with the Iron Block and Drag Radials! Driver: Revan Racing and Lund Racing Sponsored Driver....The Drag Radial King.

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Rocky AKA The Seeker

So my wife commented, “ Let me get this straight, you are going to send your car to a person that you met on a forum, talked to a few times on the phone and he is going modify your car and race it?” Yes, that it what I am going to [...]

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Chris Kannady, Oklahoma

The bottom line is Van is the best in business. Van seeks out the best products for the pickiest like me. In the case of his radiator and heat exchanger setup, since the best was not out there, he made it! Many times businesses are just out there to [...]

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Keith, Virginia

Revan Racing and Van Collier are the testament to performance aftermarket products. His incredible design and production in corroboration with C&R Racing are without a doubt highly impressive. Van's dedication in the design and better performance of the Radiator and Heat Exchanger to direct replace the "stale" OEM [...]

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Richard, Louisiana

When you are ready to take your GT500 to the next level, take my advice and do it right the first time.  Revan Racing deals with only the best supporting parts that are really going to make the difference for your car.  Buying top quality products the first time [...]

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Dave Nelson

I would expect that most of the testimonials that will be posted will focus on the quality and performance of the GT500 parts REVANRACING offers. I found the C&R parts I purchased from Van to be several steps up in quality and performance over anything else offered at this [...]

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