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Snake Pit

Mark Duber's 2013 GT500 - "The Little TVS That Could"

Mark Duber's 2013 GT500 is an impressive machine. We're looking forward to seeing what this thing does in the 2013 King of the Street event at Bowling Green, KY at the NMRA World Finals. 



ID1000 Injectors. 

Some bolt-ons

Lund Racing tune


r1doc's KOTS 2013 album on Photobucket
Texas Mile Super Snake 1000HP

Texas Mile Super Snake GT500 - purpose built for 200+ mph

Revan Racing
Lund Racing
L&M Engines

L&M custom built motor
Jon Lund Tuned

Wheels Up!


Kenne Bell 3.6 Liquid Cooled. Tuned by Lund Racing.

9.996 pass with the Iron Block and Drag Radials!

Driver: Revan Racing and Lund Racing Sponsored Driver....The Drag Radial King.

Rocky AKA The Seeker


So my wife commented, “ Let me get this straight, you are going to send your car to a person that you met on a forum, talked to a few times on the phone and he is going modify your car and race it?” Yes, that it what I am going to do. She said, “Priceless!”

I showed up at Goliad Saturday morning and found the Revan Pit. I had no idea what Van looked like so I just listened a minute and walked to my left and said, “Van, I am Rocky.” Fortunately, it was Van!

This is exactly how my relationship began with Van and I could not be happier with the results. Van and his band of “merry men” literally took my car apart at the Texas Mile and replaced my HE, radiator, reservoirs, t-stat, pulley and Jon Lund did the tune onsite.

Needless to say my car is a beast and Van hit 169.8 with some crazy wind, however, my battery did 189.8! I will let Van explain this strange physics event.

Many thanks to Van, Jon and the band of “merry men.”

Rocky AKA The Seeker

Chris Kannady, Oklahoma


The bottom line is Van is the best in business. Van seeks out the best products for the pickiest like me. In the case of his radiator and heat exchanger setup, since the best was not out there, he made it! Many times businesses are just out there to make a dollar. First and foremost, Revan Racing is there to take a satisfied customer and make them a customer for life. I would call it tailor-made customer service. Van has the products, the knowledge and the customer relationships that make Revan Racing far and above the competition. I think it is safe to say that Revan Racing is in a league of its own. I would not spend my hard-earned dollars anywhere else. Revan Racing is your one stop shop to satisfy your racing hunger with the satisfaction of knowing that Van and Revan Racing is ALWAYS there when you hit those bumps in the road.

Chris Kannady

Keith, Virginia


Revan Racing and Van Collier are the testament to performance aftermarket products. His incredible design and production in corroboration with C&R Racing are without a doubt highly impressive. Van's dedication in the design and better performance of the Radiator and Heat Exchanger to direct replace the "stale" OEM components in the Shelby GT500 is stupendous. The craftsmanship of these products was awe inspiring. I could tell the team of professional welders know their skills.

Van and his team have surpassed all my expectations in these flawless units in their design, capacity, effectiveness and performance to better enhance the raw un-tapped power of the GT500, while maintaining the consistent threshold horsepower numbers lap after lap after lap. The fitment, user friendly instructions, and any additional guidance needed to install these units could be easily accomplished by the novice home mechanic.

Without question, these are the finest products on the market to meet and exceed any and all expectations one could have. Truly an investment well worth it's value. Hands down, I could not be more pleased with my investment.

Thanks Van & Revan Racing.

Keith, Virginia

Richard, Louisiana


When you are ready to take your GT500 to the next level, take my advice and do it right the first time.  Revan Racing deals with only the best supporting parts that are really going to make the difference for your car.  Buying top quality products the first time will save you money and headaches in the long run.  You will never again come away thinking "I wish I would have....", you'll just be driving your GT500 with an ear to ear smile.   My shop couldn't stop talking about the quality and the attention to detail.  Van is a huge enthusiast that takes a personal interest in every customer, their car, and their personal goals.  Give him a call.... you'll be glad you did.

Richard, Louisiana

Dave Nelson


I would expect that most of the testimonials that will be posted will focus on the quality and performance of the GT500 parts REVANRACING offers. I found the C&R parts I purchased from Van to be several steps up in quality and performance over anything else offered at this time and look forward to taking my car out to the track and enjoy the benefits of the performance enhancements they will provide.

With that said, I would like to comment on Van Collier's commitment and dedication towards the concept, development, refinement, and production effort needed to bring these quality pieces to the GT500 community. Countless hours were obviously required to develop and design the cooling products and then actually carry them through the manufacturing process. Once the products were tested and ready for market, he continued to work towards bettering the end units based on his own research and the comments of others.

Continued support after the sale is most times unheard of anymore but Van was diligent to ensure that the parts arrived on time and installed perfectly. I am not sure how many other vendors would take a phone call at 10:00 PM, answer any questions I had and then spend another half hour talking about racing Shelbys...but it was great and shows Van's love for the sport.

So, thank you Van, the C&R radiator and heat exchanger are terrific. I look forward to see what else you might have in your bag of tricks, but as with everything else so far, it will obviously be of the highest quality, reasonably priced, and make our GT500's run at their best.

Dave Nelson

Gary G


“I’ve been extremely pleased with the level of service I’ve received from REVAN racing. Van is always willing to offer suggestions on improving the performance of our GT500s, even when it comes to parts he doesn’t sell. He has been very innovative by providing solutions that improve the performance of our cars, and I’ve been impressed by how quickly he brings quality new products to market. He’s been an invaluable resource to our GT500 community.”

Gary G

Robert, California – 2008 Shelby Super Snake


Van Collier, owner of Revan Racing is a true asset to the GT500 community. His products are of the highest quality and are ground breaking in the area of cooling these high horsepower vehicles. The first performance improvements I made to my car after having the Super Snake package installed was to install the Revan Racing / C&R Radiator and Heat Exchanger combination. These units were of the highest quality and installation was straight forward. Van is such an enthusiast that he contacted me several times during the ordering, shipping and installation process to make sure everything was okay. He would ask if I had any questions or needed any help on the installation. It was very refreshing to have someone contact me to see how I liked the product and make sure there were no problems and not the other way around. His customer service is the best I have experienced in this day and age of impersonal sales and service.

If you have any doubt that you will need this type of cooling system on your car, stop! If you live in a warm or hot climate or plan on ever tracking your car and want consistent power, you need these. You will not regret your purchase from Revan Racing.

Robert, California
2008 Shelby Super Snake

Chris “Iceman” Ponsler


Customer service and product design is 1st class. It’s great that Van not only designs these products but also tests & uses them and provides feedback from his testing in the form of data logs as well as seat of the pants feel. He works with great tuners and product manufactures and is building a must have cooling product for the Shelby GT500. I am excited to experience the difference in the summer months with both the C&R Radiator and Heat Exchanger added to my car.

Chris Ponsler
“Iceman” on Stangmafia.com
784 RWHP & 703 Torque
KB 2.8 and Lund Racing Tune