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Rocky AKA The Seeker



So my wife commented, “ Let me get this straight, you are going to send your car to a person that you met on a forum, talked to a few times on the phone and he is going modify your car and race it?” Yes, that it what I am going to do. She said, “Priceless!”

I showed up at Goliad Saturday morning and found the Revan Pit. I had no idea what Van looked like so I just listened a minute and walked to my left and said, “Van, I am Rocky.” Fortunately, it was Van!

This is exactly how my relationship began with Van and I could not be happier with the results. Van and his band of “merry men” literally took my car apart at the Texas Mile and replaced my HE, radiator, reservoirs, t-stat, pulley and Jon Lund did the tune onsite.

Needless to say my car is a beast and Van hit 169.8 with some crazy wind, however, my battery did 189.8! I will let Van explain this strange physics event.

Many thanks to Van, Jon and the band of “merry men.”

Rocky AKA The Seeker