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Robert, California – 2008 Shelby Super Snake



Van Collier, owner of Revan Racing is a true asset to the GT500 community. His products are of the highest quality and are ground breaking in the area of cooling these high horsepower vehicles. The first performance improvements I made to my car after having the Super Snake package installed was to install the Revan Racing / C&R Radiator and Heat Exchanger combination. These units were of the highest quality and installation was straight forward. Van is such an enthusiast that he contacted me several times during the ordering, shipping and installation process to make sure everything was okay. He would ask if I had any questions or needed any help on the installation. It was very refreshing to have someone contact me to see how I liked the product and make sure there were no problems and not the other way around. His customer service is the best I have experienced in this day and age of impersonal sales and service.

If you have any doubt that you will need this type of cooling system on your car, stop! If you live in a warm or hot climate or plan on ever tracking your car and want consistent power, you need these. You will not regret your purchase from Revan Racing.

Robert, California
2008 Shelby Super Snake