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Keith, Virginia



Revan Racing and Van Collier are the testament to performance aftermarket products. His incredible design and production in corroboration with C&R Racing are without a doubt highly impressive. Van's dedication in the design and better performance of the Radiator and Heat Exchanger to direct replace the "stale" OEM components in the Shelby GT500 is stupendous. The craftsmanship of these products was awe inspiring. I could tell the team of professional welders know their skills.

Van and his team have surpassed all my expectations in these flawless units in their design, capacity, effectiveness and performance to better enhance the raw un-tapped power of the GT500, while maintaining the consistent threshold horsepower numbers lap after lap after lap. The fitment, user friendly instructions, and any additional guidance needed to install these units could be easily accomplished by the novice home mechanic.

Without question, these are the finest products on the market to meet and exceed any and all expectations one could have. Truly an investment well worth it's value. Hands down, I could not be more pleased with my investment.

Thanks Van & Revan Racing.

Keith, Virginia