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Dave Nelson



I would expect that most of the testimonials that will be posted will focus on the quality and performance of the GT500 parts REVANRACING offers. I found the C&R parts I purchased from Van to be several steps up in quality and performance over anything else offered at this time and look forward to taking my car out to the track and enjoy the benefits of the performance enhancements they will provide.

With that said, I would like to comment on Van Collier's commitment and dedication towards the concept, development, refinement, and production effort needed to bring these quality pieces to the GT500 community. Countless hours were obviously required to develop and design the cooling products and then actually carry them through the manufacturing process. Once the products were tested and ready for market, he continued to work towards bettering the end units based on his own research and the comments of others.

Continued support after the sale is most times unheard of anymore but Van was diligent to ensure that the parts arrived on time and installed perfectly. I am not sure how many other vendors would take a phone call at 10:00 PM, answer any questions I had and then spend another half hour talking about racing Shelbys...but it was great and shows Van's love for the sport.

So, thank you Van, the C&R radiator and heat exchanger are terrific. I look forward to see what else you might have in your bag of tricks, but as with everything else so far, it will obviously be of the highest quality, reasonably priced, and make our GT500's run at their best.

Dave Nelson