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Chris Kannady, Oklahoma



The bottom line is Van is the best in business. Van seeks out the best products for the pickiest like me. In the case of his radiator and heat exchanger setup, since the best was not out there, he made it! Many times businesses are just out there to make a dollar. First and foremost, Revan Racing is there to take a satisfied customer and make them a customer for life. I would call it tailor-made customer service. Van has the products, the knowledge and the customer relationships that make Revan Racing far and above the competition. I think it is safe to say that Revan Racing is in a league of its own. I would not spend my hard-earned dollars anywhere else. Revan Racing is your one stop shop to satisfy your racing hunger with the satisfaction of knowing that Van and Revan Racing is ALWAYS there when you hit those bumps in the road.

Chris Kannady